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The cross is about 1 3/4 inches tall and about 1 1/4 inches across.
Size is approximate as they are each handmade.
The crosses have a clear coat to protect the cross.

Payment information:
I accept Paypal, credit cards (via PayPal), money orders/cashiers checks & personal checks.
For personal checks, orders will not be shipped until the check clears.

Returned checks: There will be a returned check fee, equal to what my bank charges me for the returned item.

The Crosses sell for $9.99, but I am selling them for less.


All Cross items $5.00 USD each

*with the exception of the Rosary
Shipping $2.00 Flat Fee per address
(US only)

(PayPal account not required)

Shipping $2.00 per shipment:
Please add shipping first using the button below

Multi-Color Crosses:

Please specify color choice T=Top M=Middle B=Bottom
Example - T=Silver M=Maroon B=Black

If you want the colors swirled together specify both colors:
The following example would result in the top & bottom being swirled
& the middle being a single color
T= Orange & Black ; M=Orange ; B=Orange & Black

Cross Type
Cross Color
*Please be sure to add the $2.00 shipping charge to the order

Angel Cross:

Cross Type
(With the delicate wings, these crosses are not suitable for
keychains, charm clips, or necklaces.)

Rosary for $15.00:

(custom Rosaries are available by request; pricing may vary
depending on type of beads requested)

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If you prefer, email orders to:
Cross Type:
Cross Color:
All one color:
Top Color:
Middle Color:
Bottom Color:
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They are also good for fundraising or for re-sale!!
Disciple's Cross suggests selling the crosses for $9.99 each.